Stealing from Pirates! New Space Opera from Stefon Mears!

Stealing from Pirates

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ISBN: 978-0692725061

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Two alien empires control known space. Caught between them, the human race clings to a handful of planets. On the fringes of all three, Captain Dara “Dare” Ross makes her living.

Her “easy job” starts with a shootout in the streets. Pirates, Port Authority, and an alien empire all covet her cargo. And they’ll kill to get it. Turns out she’s not transporting prefab buildings for the outer colonies.

She’s transporting a secret that could wipe out an empire.

Stealing from Pirates, a space opera adventure with alien empires, starship battles, shootouts, space pirates and more, with the best crew since the Serenity and a female captain who could challenge Malcom Reynolds and Han Solo. From Stefon Mears, author of Fade to Gold.

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