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Twice Against the Dragon

Twice Against the Dragon - Stefon Mears - Web Cover

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ISBN: 978-0692416914

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Ten years. A long time to live with shame…

Of course Larek failed to kill the dragon Blackflame. Fresh from apprenticeship. Hardly competent to bear the title. Every other wizard in the kingdom proclaimed how they would have saved the hundreds who died because of Larek’s failure.

His infamy became legendary.

Now scouts spot Blackflame in Aeralfast once more. The king gathers his mightiest wizards and warriors at a tournament, seeking heroes to slay the dragon. So Larek the Burned teams up with two other famous failures – disgraced warrior Dyrra Slow Sword and defrocked healer Sindra the Poisonous – to flee south to the kingdom of Velstadt where they hope to leave their pasts behind.

But on the road they witness Blackflame heading for the river town of Neton and have to choose: chase the futures they long for or risk everything to save a thousand strangers?

Twice Against the Dragon is an epic fantasy tale of failure and redemption.

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