The House on Cedar Street

The House on Cedar Street

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ISBN: 978-0-9977924-0-9


In the tiny California town of Briar, on Cedar Street, a house with an evil reputation awaits its next victims. Neighbors speak of it in hushed tones. Teens dare each other to approach it, swear something stalks the halls.

Something that hates the living.

June, 1989. Happy couple Lex and Gina Dumas think they’ve found the perfect house. Close to Lex’s new job. Enough bedrooms for all six children. But problems begin the very first night. Strange sounds from the attic terrify the twins, Eli and Dee.

Soon their simple family move becomes a battle for survival.

The House on Cedar Street, an eerie thriller of ghosts, psychic twins, and supernatural horror, reminiscent of Richard Matheson’s Hell House, and Jay Anson’s The Amityville Horror. Fans of Sinister and The Conjuring will love this book!